Giffing (is that even the right word?) takes serious skill.

It takes mad time, too.

Putting together a moving photoset, having each piece jive AND look nice is freakin’ TOUGH.

I’m just starting, and I still suck, so I give mad props to the peeps in this fandom who gif like crazy, do it so well and do it so fast.

You guys are amazeballs.

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    Thanks babe
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    I’m not tagged in this but Amanda is right. You’ll get way better and then you’ll love doing it! I don’t mind putting in...
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    Thank you! After a year or so it gets easier, hahaha. I promise. At first it’s really hard but it gets super easy and...
  4. joshs-left-earlobe said: So happy to hear that! I appreciate all those “giffers” and what they add to our blogs!
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